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PriceInspector has solved the cases on the best choices across the UK for t220 in Computer Components from our TRUSEMI suspects.

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TruSemi BKT220002202 TO220 Bolt On Heat Sink TO220-Bolt-on-Heat-Sink-TruSemi-BK-T220-0022-02-TO220-Bolt-On-heatsink-black-anodized-finish-21-C-W-thermal-resistance-19mm-long-19mm-wide-9-5mm-high-black-anod ... TRUSEMI
£0.34 See offer
TruSemi BKT2200062 Twin TO220 Heatsink TO220-Heat-Sink-12-5-deg-C-W-TruSemi-BK-T220-0062-TO220-heatsink-aluminium-material-black-anodized-finish-12-5-C-W-thermal-resistance-Bolt-On-37mm-long-19-8mm-w ... TRUSEMI
£0.66 See offer
TruSemi BKT2200061 TO220 Bolt On Heatsink TO220-Bolt-On-Heat-Sink-21-59mm-Fins-TruSemi-BK-T220-0061-TO220-Bolt-On-heatsink-aluminium-material-black-anodized-finish-17-C-W-thermal-resistance-17-78mm-long ... TRUSEMI
£0.52 See offer
TruSemi BKT220006501 T0220 10.5 Deg Cw Bolt On Heatsink TO220-Heat-Sink-10-5-deg-C-W-TruSemi-BK-T220-0065-01-TO220-heatsink-aluminium-material-black-anodized-body-brass-plated-pin-10-5-C-W-thermal-resistance-Bolt-On- ... TRUSEMI
£0.54 See offer
TruSemi BKT220004202 TO220 Heatsink with Lug 19°cw TO220-Heat-Sink-with-Lugs-TruSemi-BK-T220-0042-02-TO220-heatsink-black-anodized-finish-with-lug-19-C-W-thermal-resistance-TO-220-Bolt-On-30mm-long-25-4mm-wide-1 ... TRUSEMI
£0.82 See offer
TruSemi BKT220005202 Heatsink To220 Clip Mounting 7.8cw TO220 Heat Sink - Clip or Screw Mounting - TruSemi BK-T220-0052-02, TO220 heatsink, aluminium material, black anodized finish, 7.8°C/W thermal resistance, Clip- ... TRUSEMI
£0.96 See offer
TruSemi BKT220006003 Clip On TO220 Heatsink TO-220 Clip On Heat Sinks - TruSemi BK-T220-0060-03, Miniature clip-on heat sink suitable for use with TO-220 packages. TruSemi BK-T220-0060-03 Clip On TO220 ... TRUSEMI
£0.44 See offer
TruSemi BKT220006002 Clip On TO220 Heatsink and Lug TO-220 Clip On Heat Sinks - TruSemi BK-T220-0060-02, Miniature clip-on heat sink with solderable mounting lug to improve mechanical stability, suitable for use ... TRUSEMI
£0.48 See offer
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