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Tandem Bungee Jump London O2 Arena We love bungee jumping and we're sure you will too. In fact we like it so much, we've added another fantastic London City sight to our list. You'll get plenty o ...
£150.00 See offer
The Highest Tandem Bungee Jump in the UK The most extreme of Bungee Jumps is now available for couples! So if you're too scared to do it alone, or just want to take someone special along with you to ex ...
£198.00 See offer
Central London Tandem Bungee Jump The Central London Bungee Jump has been exclusive to our friends at Extreme Element for four years now, with each year proving a roaring success - from the most ...
£150.00 See offer
400ft Tandem Bungee Jump If you are looking to experience the ultimate thrill - or you're looking for a unique experience gift for a daredevil friend - then look no further than this s ...
£298.00 See offer
Lovers Leap Tandem 160ft Bungee Jump One of the ultimate adrenaline rushes for you to share with your loved one, ahh bless. There is little to match the adrenaline rush of jumping off a platform 16 ...
£120.00 See offer
Thrills and Spills Gift Voucher Enjoy the freedom to choose the experience that suits you. This voucher allows you to choose from a selection of adrenaline fueled experiences including a ... MYGIFTS
£149.00 See offer
Lovers Leap Bungee Jump in East Sussex This exciting tandem bungee experience is sure to bring two people closer together! After being securely harnessed, face-to-face, ascend to an amazing height of ...
£142.00 See offer
Lovers Leap Bungee Jump in Manchester More exciting than your average walk in the park, this jaw-dropping tandem bungee jump is the perfect experience to share with a special someone. Once securely ...
£142.00 See offer
Lovers Leap Bungee Jump in Bristol Try something adventurous with a loved one (or friend if preferred) with this adrenaline-pumping tandem bungee jumping experience based in Bristol. Once harness ...
£142.00 See offer
Lovers Leap Bungee Jump in Bedfordshire Perfect for couples who love adrenaline, this tandem bungee jump in Huntingdon is perfect for two lovers or friends to test their relationship by throwing thems ...
£142.00 See offer
Tandem Bungee Jumping Brighton Attached firmly by the ankles, this is a chance for you and a friend or loved-one to share a truly memorable experience...braving the bounce with a Brighton bun ...
£120.00 See offer
London Tandem Bungee Take a giant leap together with this unique jump for two in London! Who'd have thought the two of you could do a bungee together surrounded by spectacular view ...
£148.00 See offer
Outdoor Bungee Jump Once you have reached the jumping platform 160ft up and you are brave enough take a look around at the awesome skyline and the drop below. You won’t have too l ...
£49.00 See offer

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