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Retro Portable Tape Recorder Phone Case Made in Britain Another icon rises from the past courtesy of Crank! The Retro portable tape recorder phone case gives a great p ... CRANK Made to order
£17.00+ Delivery: £0.95 See offer
Nikkai Voice Activated Tape Recorder •Voice-activated system for recording•High-sensitivity recording•2-speed play and record modes•LED record indicator•Pause, FF and RR functions•Built-in speaker, ...
£18.00 See offer
MENS CUFFLINKS in Retro Tape Recorder Design These novelty cuff links are ideal for men of all ages and perfect for any occasion. These unique men's cufflinks are presented in a gift box, making them an ex ... CADOGAN GIFTS
£11.95 See offer
£9.39 See offer
Sony DTRS Cleaning Tape V8 25 open in new window Sony V8 25CLD HI8 Cleaning Tape 8mm, for DTRS Recorder Studio/Recording Equipment / Spools SONY
£9.41+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Tascam CC222 SL MkII Tascam CC-222 SL MkII - CD recorder and tape deck in one unit (successor of the MkIII). New functions include: line out 2 is configurable as tape out or CD out, ... TASCAM
£668.32+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Akai E2 Headrush Akai E2 Headrush Stomp Box - tap delay/tape echo simulator/looping recorder, 16-bit digital delay (0.5ms-23.8sec), simulates an analog 4-head tape echo machine, ... AKAI
£126.81+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Sanyo 1968 tape recorder player reporter equipment. Mint condition boxed M48M Mint condition. look like never was out of box for use. I think it should have oryginal cassete (according to manual) missing other than look perfect i didnt te ... ETSY MWKIRKONETSY
£45.00+ Delivery: £8.00 See offer
Olympus DP211 2GB Simple Dictaphone The DP-211 is specially designed to be even simpler to use than a tape-based device. Users of tape recorders will find the DP-211 has everything they love about ...
£39.99 See offer
Teenage Engineering OP1 Teenage Engineering OP-1, Synthesizer/Controller, 8 built-in synthesizer engines, 24 Voice Instant Live Sampler, 4 track Tape Recorder with Variable Tape Speed, ... TEENAGE ENGINEERING
£605.32+ Delivery: £7.98 See offer
Peter Dickinson Recorder Music (Score) open in new window Work for Recorder and Tape, commissioned and premiered by the late David Munrow. NOVELLO & CO LTD.
£11.95+ Delivery: £2.50 See offer
TDK 240 Minute VHS Tape 3 Pack •High-quality master tape for professionals and home users•Makes optimal use of the technical options on your S-VHS recorder•Excellent picture and sound quality ...
£10.99 See offer
TDK 180 Minute VHS Tape 3 Pack •Superlative master tape for professionals and home users•Makes optimal use of the technical options on your S-VHS recorder•Exellent picture and sound-quality, ...
£9.99 See offer
Quantum Super DLT I 110220Gb Tape Quantum Corporation is the world's leading storage supplier in six of the seven markets. It provides desktop hard disk drives, cleaning media, tape drives, netw ... QUANTUM
£38.61+ Delivery: £4.50 See offer
BT Socket Recording Lead •A compact telephone adapter designed to tape telephone calls from your home telephone socket onto a tape recorder•Includes a double adapter to enable you to pl ...
£16.99 See offer
Play and Record Telephone Recording Adapter •A compact adapter designed to tape telephone calls from your home telephone handset to your own tape recorder•Play & record switch enables calls to be replayed ...
£16.00 See offer
STEEPLETONE SMC922 MUSIC SYSTEM BLK The Steepletone SMC922 music system allows you to play vinyl, CD's, tapes or FM/MW radio and record direct to CD all at the touch of a button with one machine. ...
£283.79 See offer
STEEPLETONE SMC922 MUSIC SYSTEM SIL With just one machine you can play vinyl, CDs, tapes or FM/MW radio and record direct to CD all at the touch of a button and without a computer! Finished ...
£251.20 See offer
Cupid Stunts On paper Kenny Everett's qualifications did not look promising - not much in the way of education physique or social skills just a gift for funny voices ...
£12.76 See offer
Olympus DP211 2GB Voice Recorder •Ultra simple and easy to use (One button, One function) •Large LCD •2 GB Memory, Up to 194 Hours recording •80 Hours Battery Life •High sound recording qua ...
£39.99 See offer
Girls Plays for Reading and Recording The script of nine short plays designed to be read by members of a school class preceded by "Hints on Tape-recording in the Classroom". Harrap hardback with no ...
£9.99 See offer
Sunshine soundtrack to1973 film composed by John Denver MCF 2566 Lyn Helton died at the age of twenty from a rare form of bone cancer called osteogenic sarcoma. She left behind a husband, a two year old daughter called Jenny, ...
£4.99 See offer
Elton John Act Of War 1985 UK acetate EJS8 ELTON JOHN & MILLIE JACKSON Act Of War (Very rare 1985 UK Townhouse Studios single sided 7 metal based high grade methyl cellulose lacquer acetate with printe ...
£150.00 See offer
Lloytron Classique AM FM Portable Radio & Cassette Recorder - Mains or Battery Operated - Single Speaker Cassette Recorder - Rotary Tuning and Volume Control - Telescopic Swivel Antenna - Earphone Socket - Built ... LLOYTRON
£20.98 See offer
Behringer Minimix MIX800 Behringer-Minimix-MIX800-Karaoke-Machine-Behringer-MIX800-P-Dying-to-prove-that-you-have-the-X-Factor-Then-Behringer-s-Minimix-MIX800-karaoke-machine-means-you- ... BEHRINGER
£61.91 See offer
Odyssey Retractable Kable Lock Odyssey’s Retractable Kable Lock is a compact cable lock that is cleverly disguised as a tape recorder (also comes with 3 other decals). This lock is perfect fo ... ODYSSEY
£29.99+ Delivery: £2.99 See offer
Laurie Holloway Jazz Suite for Bb Clarinet & Piano I sat at the piano one day with a tape recorder. I improvised for a while and later played it back and wrote down the interesting bits. It is in parts rather j ... SPARTAN PRESS
£7.95+ Delivery: £2.50 See offer
Toshiba RDXV60KB 3 in 1 DVD VCR & 320GB HDD with Freeview(Used) •HDMI connectivity provides an easy way to connect your player to your HD TV and upscales your standard definition DVDs to 720p, 1080i or 1080p for an enhanced ...
£199.99 See offer
Behringer UB1202 Eurorack Small Format Mixer Behringer UB1202 Eurorack Small Format MixerBehringer UB1202 Eurorack Small Format MixerBehringer's newest 12 input, 2 bus mic/line mixer boasts 4 state-of-the- ...
£59.99 See offer
Honestech Audio Recorder 3.0 Plus with USB Cassette Player (Used) •Includes a USB cassette player to easily convert cassettes to MP3, MP3 CDs and audio CDs•Improve audio quality by reducing unwanted noise or static•Controls ir ...
£19.99 See offer
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