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Bankers Box SmoothMove Tea Chest Removal Box Brown Buy 2 Get 1 Free This heavy duty Bankers Box removal box features SmoothMove Fastfold assembly with lock in handles, which keep the lid securely closed and create strong, reinfo ...
£160.73 See offer
Unique Gift Box tea lover gift box quirky gift idea handmade gift box elegant gift box keepsake favour box tea lover gift cube box Unique Gift Box, tea lover gift box, quirky gift idea, handmade gift box, elegant gift box, keepsake, favour box, tea lover gift, cube box Gorgeous! Gorgeous! ... ETSY KIKKAANDTIKKA
£12.15+ Delivery: £16.19 See offer
French Grey Tea Selection Box French Grey Tea Selection Box Made from wood and finished in French grey this little tea box features 4 internal compartments, a glass window with heart etche ... DIBOR In stock
£19.00+ Delivery: £4.95 See offer
Twinings Black Wooden Tea Box 8 Compartment Filled open in new window Filled with an amazing selection of favourite teas, fruit & herbal infusions and green teas. OTHER
£39.00 See offer
Personalised Favourite Brews Tea Box A delightful wooden box filled with their favourite teas. Made from pine and personalised with name, the word 'Brew' comes as standard. A message can also be en ...
£22.99 See offer
Vintage Tea Chest Trunk Box Crate Storage Side Table BedSide London Antique Display Shop Window Vintage Tea Chest Trunk Box Crate Side Table The Vintage Tea Chests make perfect side tables for lamps and also make great bedside tables. These vintage tea c ... ETSY MAGPIESVINTAGESHOP
£49.00+ Delivery: £20.00 See offer
£19.19 See offer
Tea For Two Rocky Road And Tiffin Gift Box A tea and cake event for two. Eight slices of handmade cake, a selection of fine teas, beautifully presented and includes a handwritten gift note Perfect for ... CRUMB In stock
£16.50 See offer
Vintage Flowers Tea Box Vintage Flowers Tea Box Embellished in a country floral design in delicate colours of pinks, greens, creams and reds. With a lift up lid with clear glass view ... DIBOR In stock
£28.00+ Delivery: £4.95 See offer
Deluxe Wooden Tea Box 2 Compartment Empty open in new window Twinings deluxe wooden compartment box that holds up to 24 individually wrapped Tea bags. TWININGS
£20.00 See offer
Personalised Vintage Tea Wedding Memory Box Handmade vintage tea themed memory box, personalised with your names, wedding date and colour scheme to keep your treasure's safe for years to come. A perfect ... DREAMS TO REALITY DESIGN LTD In stock
£24.95+ Delivery: £4.75 See offer
Yankee Candle box of 12 tea lights Clean Cotton 24 Advantage card points. Clean Cotton is. sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon. Pack of 12 fragranced tealights. In c ... YANKEE CANDLES
£6.99 See offer
Mitred Ply Box Tea Light Holder Made in Britain Made out of plywood from old pieces of furniture. There are currently two op ... DZ DESIGN Low stock
£20.00 See offer
Personalised Teachers Tea Break Box A delightful wooden box filled with their favourite teas. Made from pine and personalised with the Teachers name and personal message on inside of lid. Each box ...
£25.99 See offer
Darjeeling Tea Box This enchanting glass tea box has a beautifully detailed pattern on its lid. The compartments are perfect for separating out different teas or other items. Dar ... NKUKU In stock
£24.95+ Delivery: £4.95 See offer
Afternoon Tea Gift Box Anyone for croquet? Weve packed a summer gift box with our signature Earl Grey Tea blend, as well as our Queen of Hearts strawberry biscuits for a touch of down ...
£25.00 See offer
Bird Drinking Tea Design Trinket Box Made in Britain These trinkets make a perfect gift on their own, or used to present something special inside! Our gift ware ... MELLOR WARE In stock
£10.00+ Delivery: £2.75 See offer
Tea & Coffee Whitener Sachets (2.5g) Box of 1000 open in new window Tea & Coffee Whitener Sachets (2.5g) Box of 1000 UNBRANDED
£36.83 See offer
Loose Leaf Pyramid Tea Box 2 Compartment Empty open in new window A beautifully finished empty Twinings black wooden compartment box. TWININGS
£25.00 See offer
Tea Display Box This wonderfully made Tea Display Box will look perfect for your office or kitchen This lovely tea display box has been made exclusively for us to a new impro ... BELLEVUE TEA In stock
£29.00+ Delivery: £2.75 See offer
Afternoon Tea Party Gift Box Made in Britain Everything needed to host an elegant afternoon tea party: fine teas, delicious handmade cakes, and all the trim ... CRUMB In stock
£28.00 See offer
Tea Fort Sampler Ribbon Box Tea Forts sampler ribbon box is the best way to discover your favourites amongst their wide selection of teas. With a combination of black, green and herbal tea ...
£17.95 See offer
PG Tips Decaffeinated Tea Bags (Box of 80) open in new window Decaffeinated tea bagsA high quality blend of teaBox of 80 PG TIPS
£3.79 See offer
Box Of Three Ladies Handkerchiefs Tea Set Three cotton Hankies printed with vintage, victorian images of a tea pot and 2 beautiful and delicate porcelain tea cups. The corner of each hankie is printed ... TAMIELLE In stock
£26.00+ Delivery: £2.75 See offer
Deluxe Wooden Tea Box 12 Compartment Empty open in new window Twinings deluxe wooden compartment box that holds up to 144 individually wrapped Tea bags TWININGS
£40.00 See offer
Earl Grey Tea and Biscuits Gift Box Off to stay with family over the weekend, or heading round to a friends for tea? Bring them a lovely gift box of our extra special Earl Grey Tea and our tea-inf ...
£27.00 See offer
Tick Tock Organic Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea 100g Box open in new window Gentle Soothing Tea Caffeine Free High in Antioxidants TICK TOCK
£2.15 See offer
£3.59 See offer
Opposites Attract Tea Gift Box Opposites attract, in the words of Paula Abdul. We've paired light, sweet and fruity Grapefruit Yerba Mate with our rich Dark Chocolate tea for a gift box t ...
£28.00 See offer
Amelie Rose Wooden Tea Box A beautiful Amelie Rose and candy stripe design white painted wooden tea box. Pink candy stripe and roses design wooden tea box with a glass top opening. With ... THE COUNTRY COTTAGE SHOP In stock
£24.00 See offer

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