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Monte Carlo F1 Driving Experience This is a weekend like no other full of excitement speed and thrills but you’ll need to travel to the Principality of Monaco to enjoy it all. After all that ...
£3,299.00 See offer
F1 Grand Prix Simulator Experience This is your chance to slip into the shoes of some of the best F1 drivers as you buckle up and take on the world’s greatest Grand Prix circuits from Canada to B ...
£39.00 See offer
F1 Powerboat Experience Belt up lid on - you’re going on an awesome F1 powerboat ride! Fast noisy and very very thrilling these passenger rides are the ultimate boat ride.  Forget ...
£60.00 See offer
F1 Grand Prix Simulator Race Experience F1 Grand Prix Simulator Race Experience Ever wanted to drive like Lewis Hamilton on one of the world?s greatest circuits? Prepare to experience what it is like ... VIRGIN EXPERIENCE DAYS
JD Williams
ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£50.00+ Delivery: £2.99 See offer
F1 Race Simulator Put yourself in the hot seat with this F1 Grand Prix Simulator experience! This full simulation driving experience is so realistic you're sure to be leaning int ...
£39.00 See offer
Typhoon Turbo 2 Seater Passenger Thrill Ride for One in Oxfordshire Have the chance to experience the life of an F1 racing driver with this Typhoon-Turbo passenger thrill ride for one. Driven by an ex Euroboss F1 racing driver, ...
£49.00 See offer
F1 Race Car Simulator Session This is your chance to slip into the shoes of some of the best F1 drivers as you buckle up and take on the world’s greatest Grand Prix circuits from Canada to B ...
£39.00 See offer
F1 Race Car Simulator Session for Two This is your chance to slip into the shoes of some of the best F1 drivers as you buckle up and take on the world’s greatest Grand Prix circuits. From the comfor ...
£49.00 See offer
Two Seater Race Car Passenger Ride Take to the tracks and experience the thrill of race car driving with this incredible high speed Typhoon Turbo passenger ride. You’ll experience the speed ...
£69.00 See offer
Formula Silverstone Single Seater Experience Experience the atmosphere of Silverstone from the cockpit of an exhilarating single seater and feel like a genuine F1 racing driver with this exclusive Silvers ...
£209.00 See offer
Simulator Choice Choose one from the following:Flying SimulatorEver wondered what the cockpit of an aircraft looks like? Now is your chance to see! You get to sit in the Captain ...
£99.00 See offer
Virgin Experience Days Silverstone Single Seater Racing Car Experience Soak up life as a Fomula 1 driver with the Silverstone Single Seater Racing Car Experience. Engineered to give you the F1 feeling without undergoing years of tr ... VIRGIN EXPERIENCE DAYS
£274.99 See offer
Silverstone Aston Martin Early Bird Experience The world famous F1 racetrack at Silverstone combined with the modern classic that is the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and you’ve got yourself an experience you’ll n ...
£179.00 See offer
Extended Indoor Skydiving Experience This totally unique experience allows to you experience the sheer exhilaration of skydiving, in a specially constructed wind tunnel, the likes of which are usua ... MYGIFTS
£115.00 See offer
Ultimate Single Seater Driving at Silverstone Special Offer You can enjoy the fantastic opportunity to follow in the tracks of your racing heroes with a single-seater driving experience at Silverstone. The closest experi ... MYGIFTS
£179.00 See offer
Single Seater Driving Thrill at Silverstone Special Offer Follow in the tracks of your driving heroes with a spectacular single-seater thrill at Silverstone – the home of British racing. Strapped in just inches f ... MYGIFTS
£119.00 See offer
2 for 1 High Speed Radical Passenger Ride Special Offer This exciting experience is the closest you can get to being in an F1 race car, and your heart will race as you take your seat in the amazing Radical SR3 Supers ...
£69.00 See offer
Formula 1 Driving Experience Combine a Formula 1 driving experience that's nearly as good as the real thing with a dose of full size fun in miniature on the Scalextric tracks and you've got ...
£24.00 See offer
Junior F1 Simulator Party for Ten in Northamptonshire Many little ones dream of becoming an F1 driver; and this could be the perfect experience to get them on the road to fulfilling it. This thrilling F1 simulator ...
£195.00 See offer
F1 Simulator Grand Prix Party for Ten These state-of-the-art F1 simulators are not to be mistaken with the average games console, in fact they are as close as it comes to racing on a top internation ...
£220.00 See offer
London Formula 1 Simulator Experience This F1 simulator experience is less than an hour's drive from London, and is a mind-blowingly accurate simulation of actual F1 driving. Up to ten people can ra ...
£35.00 See offer
Radical Race Car Passenger Ride Ever wanted to be a passenger in an F1 car? Quite simply the nearest experience to it will be riding as a passenger in a Radical SR3 Supersport race car driven ...
£49.00 See offer
McLaren MP412C Driving Experience This superb McLaren MP4-12C Driving Experience is the ultimate in high-octane, adrenaline-pumping fun, and is a must for all Formula 1 and McLaren lovers. This ...
£125.00 See offer
Ultimate Drivers Experience Scotland This fantastic experience will see you drive three high powered cars. You will start your ultimate drivers experience with the incredible single seater racer! T ...
£325.00 See offer
Junior F1 Simulator Grand Prix Party Now kids can become Formula 1 stars for the day with this fun and challenging group simulator experience - perfect for birthday parties! These cutting-edge F1 s ...
£195.00 See offer
Single Seater Drive at Anglesey Weekday If low, fast cars on professional circuits get your heart racing, this F1-style single-seater experience at premium Welsh circuit Anglesey will be the experienc ...
£149.00 See offer
Silverstone Ferrari Driving Experience There is nowhere better than the home of Formula One to experience the sleek Ferrari 400 BHP V8 F430 Coupe. Pushing the Italian maestro to its limits you’ll be ...
£199.00 See offer
Formula Silverstone Single Seater Thrill Strap in for the purest racing experience around in a Formula Silverstone Single Seater. You’ll be sitting just inches from the ground so you can channel your ...
£109.00 See offer
Silverstone Thrill Choice Experience driving on one of the world’s most famous tracks. With this phenomenal Silverstone Thrill Choice you can take to the tarmac and speed round Silverst ...
£129.00 See offer
F1 Grand Prix Simulator for Two in Northamptonshire For many nothing beats the thrills and spills of Formula One racing. This high octane F1 simulator experience for two provides a chance for budding racers to hi ...
£79.00 See offer
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... of 12 years old. The experiences vary. However, many offer 3 laps driving the Ferrari while being instructed by a registered ARDS (Association of Racing Drivers School) instructor. This package is available for 75 pounds in the ...

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