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Dyson Handheld Tool Kit Handheld Tool Kit Soft bristles gently remove dust and allergens from flat surfaces and furniture. With stiff bristles for removing mud and dried-in dirt. Removes dust and dirt f ... DYSON
£56.00 See offer
Dyson Quick Release Handheld Tool Kit Quick Release Handheld Tool Kit Soft bristles gently remove dust and allergens from flat surfaces and furniture. With stiff bristles for removing mud and dried-in dirt. Removes dust and dirt f ... DYSON
£56.00 See offer 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit with Carrying Case PC Tool Kit Computer PC Repair Tool Kit Provides the necessary tools to service and repair PC computers Keep important, common-use tools in one, portable location Backed by a 2-year warranty and f ... STARTECH
£15.48 See offer
Sealey WK14 Windscreen Removal Tool Kit 14pc Sealey Windscreen Repair Kits - Sealey WK14, A windscreen removal tool kit from Sealey with a durable lightweight design, delivering on quality and finish. Comp ... SEALEY
£153.36 See offer
Dremel F0133000MJ 4 Star Promo Kit 3000355 Plastic Tool Box Dremel-4-Star-Promo-Kit-with-Plastic-Tool-Box-Dremel-F0133000MJ-The-3000-4-Star-Kit-from-Dremel-includes-the-popular-3000-Multi-Tool-plus-3-useful-attachments-a ... DREMEL
£79.98 See offer
Dremel F0133000MP 5 Star Promo Kit 3000575 Metal Tool Box Dremel-5-Star-Promo-Kit-with-Metal-Tool-Box-Dremel-F0133000MP-The-3000-5-Star-Kit-from-Dremel-includes-the-popular-3000-Multi-Tool-plus-5-useful-attachments-and ... DREMEL
£99.98 See offer
K & H SY703 Computer ServiceElectronics Tool Kit Computer-Service-Electronics-Tool-Kit-RVFM-SY-703-A-low-cost-11-piece-compact-tool-kit-for-servicing-computers-electronics-etc-K-H-SY-703-Computer-Service-Elect ... RVFM
£9.74 See offer
XTools Bike Tool Kit 18 Piece X-Tools Bike Tool Kit - 18 PieceThis 18-piece Bike Tool Kit from X-Tools provides high-performance cycle tools at a reasonable price point Bike Tool Kit for the ... XTOOLS
£34.99 See offer
Rapid Tool Kit Economy Plus Economy-Plus-Tool-Kit-Rapid-85-0052-An-extremely-economical-zipped-case-tool-kit-containing-7-of-the-most-commonly-used-tools-within-electronics-Rapid-Tool-Kit- ... RAPID
£16.80 See offer
DeWalt Kit 5 18v Cordless 5 Piece Power Tool Kit 2 Batteries DeWalt Kit 5-18v Cordless 5 Piece Power Tool Kit includes the following:1 x Dewalt Dw056N-Xj Cordless impact Wrench1 x Dewalt Dw919 Cordless Flexible Floodlight ... MISCELLANEOUS
£569.95 See offer
£125.00 See offer
9 Piece Tiling Tool Starter Kit 9 Piece Tiling Kit open in new window If you re planning a tiling project, in your kitchen or bathroom, you ll want all th TILERITE TOOLS
£33.95 See offer
Clarke Clarke Kit 600 3 Piece Air Tool Kit open in new window Three popular airline accessories to suit virtually any air compressor. CLARKE
£17.99 See offer
CK Tools T5957 Core Tool Kit C-K-Core-Tool-Kit-7-Pieces-CK-Tools-T5957-A-quality-tool-kit-comprising-of-the-must-have-tools-all-contained-within-a-handy-space-saving-C-K-Magma-Tool-Roll-Thi ... CK TOOLS
£66.08 See offer
Rotacraft RC230X 230V Rotary Tool & Flexi Drive Kit Rotacraft RC230 230V Rotary Tool Kit - Rotacraft RC230X, This rotary tool kit from Rotacraft features a compact rotary tool with variable speed, making it ideal ... ROTACRAFT
£61.79 See offer
Rotacraft RC09 Variable Speed 9.6v Rotary Tool Kit Rotacraft-RC09-Variable-Speed-9-6V-Rotary-Tool-Kit-Rotacraft-RC09-P-This-rotary-tool-kit-from-Rotacraft-features-a-compact-rechargeable-cordless-tool-with-varia ... ROTACRAFT
£49.43 See offer
Apprentice Tool Kit Inspired by Pedro’s unrivaled Master Tool Kit, the new Apprentice Tool Kit offers 22 handpicked professional tools enclosed in a high quality, blow-molded hard ... PEDROS
£219.99 See offer
Sealey Folding Multi Tool And Puncture Repair Kit Sealey Folding Multi Tool And Puncture Repair Kit. Key Features 16 Function Multi Tool Double Ended Tyre Levers Puncture Repair Kit Storage Pouch Description Be ... SEALEY
£10.24 See offer
Tweeks Cycles TC 22Piece Tool Kit Tweeks Cycles TC 22-Piece Tool Kit. Includes: 1x Bottom Bracket Wrench  1x Crank Installation Tool  1x Freewheel Turner  1x 15mm Pedal Wrench 3x Tire Levers 1x ... TWEEKS CYCLES
£34.00 See offer
Sealey 9 Piece Pipe Flaring Tool Kit Suitable for producing single or double flares on copper, brass or thin walled aluminium pipe. Supplied with two-piece screw-type 45° flare press and seven doub ... SEALEY
£18.95+ Delivery: £5.95 See offer
Draper 23 Piece Professional Electricians Tool Kit Electricians tool kit supplied in a 20L heavy duty laptop/tool case.Contents:•   Ergo Plus® VDE cable cutters•   Er ... DRAPER
£315.95+ Delivery: £5.95 See offer
Draper Expert 4 Piece Track Rod Ball Joint Removal Tool Kit B>I>Expert Quality/I>/B>, kit designed for easy removal and installation of ball joints on track rods. Knurled handle provides extra grip and three interchangea ... DRAPER
£115.95+ Delivery: £5.95 See offer
Draper Expert 20 Piece Automotive Radiator Pressure Test Tool Kit B>I>Expert Quality/I>/B>, for pressure testing radiators of most popular vehicles. 20 custom adaptors allow direct connection to radiator or expansion tank. Han ... DRAPER
£157.95+ Delivery: £5.95 See offer
Tool kit 73 pieces Westfalia 73 piece tool kit with the most common tools for working at home in a practical storage case. All tools have been made according to German high standards. Conte ... WESTFALIA
£69.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
85 Piece Tool Kit with Aluminium Case Westfalia Tools have been sorted according to size * 1/2? box spanner set * 1/4" box spanner set Contents: * 2 Phillips screwdrivers (PH1, PH2) * 2 slotted screwdrivers ( ... WESTFALIA
£99.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Bike Essentials Tool Kit 27piece All you need to repair your bikes. Delivery includes: * Freewheel remover * Freewheel turner with chain whip * 30/32 and 36/40 mm headset wrenches  * 13/15 and ...
£52.99+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Sealey VS019 Dual Mass Flywheel Measuring Tool Kit Essential tool designed to test the condition of a Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF). Use with the DMF fitted to the vehicle and with the gearbox/clutch removed. Fitting ... SEALEY
£265.95+ Delivery: £5.95 See offer
Sealey 15 Piece Universal Cable Ejection Tool Kit Reduce time spent on, and damage to, vehicle electrical systems with these connector tools. Set consists of cable extraction, contact ejection and contact disma ... SEALEY
£120.95+ Delivery: £5.95 See offer
Sealey 25 Piece Stud Extractor Tool Kit Suitable for the removal of broken studs and bolts. Supplied with centring pilots for Ø4.75-9.75mm studs, drills, extractor shafts and nuts. Ideal for engine ma ... SEALEY
£75.95+ Delivery: £5.95 See offer
Sealey 9 Piece Hose Clamp Removal Tool Kit All the hose clip tools you are likely to need in one case. Comprehensive set features heavy-duty construction with ratchet locking mechanism on most pliers. Vi ... SEALEY
£86.95+ Delivery: £5.95 See offer
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