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We've brought you some amazing matches for your tool set search in Hand Tools and Cycling including these related brands: GARDECO, COOPERS OF STORTFORD, TOOLCRAFT, CK TOOLS, BASETECH.

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£17.99+ Delivery: £9.99 See offer
Gardeco Set of 2 Tool Set with Horizontal Stand open in new window IncludesBrushSmall ShovelHorizontal Stand GARDECO
£15.99+ Delivery: £9.99 See offer
Bourne and Hollins 92piece Art Set and Deluxe Hobbycraft Tool Set bourne & hollins 92-piece art set whether you are an accomplished artist or just a beginner this incredible set from bourne & hollins is a sure-fire winner! pac ... COOPERS OF STORTFORD
£29.98+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
502651 Langdons Multi Purpose Set of 2 Sharpening Tool Set Langdon's multi purpose set of two sharpening tool set. Two easy to use sharpeners featuring a V-shaped blade that's perfect for sharpening any utensils such as ...
£10.50 See offer
Toolcraft 818644 2In1 Crimp Tool Set Toolcraft-818644-2in-1-Crimp-tool-set-Toolcraft-818644-A-2-in-1-crimp-tool-set-with-novel-double-sided-die-set-The-set-is-suitable-for-spade-lugs-ring-lugs-insu ... TOOLCRAFT
£36.37 See offer
CK Tools T4857 Precision Trimming Tool Set Of 10 open in new window CK-10-Piece-Trimming-Tool-Set-CK-Tools-T4857-A-10-piece-set-of-single-ended-trimming-tools-CK-Tools-T4857-Precision-Trimming-Tool-Set-Of-10 CK TOOLS
£4.90 See offer
Basetech 814892 Precision Tool Set In Case 30 Piece Basetech-30-piece-Precision-Tool-Set-in-Case-Basetech-814892-Set-of-30-precision-tools-from-Basetech-supplied-in-a-sturdy-aluminium-case-Basetech-814892-Precisi ... BASETECH
£25.69 See offer
Anvil AVAC400 Rotary Tool Accessory Set 400 Piece Anvil-AV400-400-Piece-Rotary-Tool-Accessory-Set-Anvil-AV-AC400-A-comprehensive-set-of-400-high-quality-accessories-for-miniature-power-drills-Anvil-AV-AC400-Rot ... ANVIL
£14.99 See offer
Ciclosport PCSet Tool Ciclosport PC-Set ToolThe PC-Set-tool provides an easy way to setup your CicloSport device. All settings can be done via a user-friendly software interface, so ... CICLOSPORT
£13.99 See offer
Sealey AK10000 Measuring Tool Set 6pc Sealey-6-Piece-Measuring-Tool-Set-Sealey-AK10000-Precision-measuring-instrument-set-containing-six-essential-tools-for-the-engineer-tradesman-Sealey-AK10000-Mea ... SEALEY
£15.94 See offer
Sealey TBT14 Tool Tray with Screwdriver Set 6pc Sealey-Tool-Tray-6-Piece-with-Screwdriver-Set-Sealey-Premier-TBT14-Tool-Tray-with-Screwdriver-Set-Suitable-for-AP24-Series-Topchests-Rollcabs-Sealey-TBT14-Tool- ... SEALEY PREMIER
£29.69 See offer
Sealey TBT23 Tool Tray with Scraper Set 9pc Sealey-Tool-Tray-with-9-Piece-Scraper-Set-Sealey-Premier-TBT23-Tool-Tray-with-Scraper-Set-Suitable-for-AP24-Series-Topchests-Rollcabs-Sealey-TBT23-Tool-Tray-wit ... SEALEY PREMIER
£40.90 See offer
Piranha Multitool Adjustable Wrench JawScrewdriverPliersKnife Multi Tool Set NEW Multi tool set adjustable wrench jaw+screwdriver+pliers+knife survival gear Cheap tool set,Buy Quality tool set Directly From Banggood To Enjoy Free Shippin ...
£12.33 See offer
Bernstein 2270 Service Set ACCENT With 9 Tools Bernstein 9-piece "ACCENT" ESD Service Tool Set - Bernstein 2270, This tool set from Bernstein includes 9 conductive tools for use with electronically sensitive ... BERNSTEIN
£125.53 See offer
Bernstein 2250 Service Set CARAT With 9 Tools Bernstein-9-piece-CARAT-ESD-Service-Tool-Set-Bernstein-2250-This-small-tool-set-from-Bernstein-includes-9-conductive-tools-for-use-with-electronically-sensitive ... BERNSTEIN
£168.44 See offer
Park Metric Wrench Set 6mm to 17mm The Park Tool Metric Wrench Set - 6mm to 17mm is emblematic of the world famous Park Tool quality wrapped in a great set of metric combination wrenches. This me ... PARK
£69.99 See offer
Sealey AK2100 Power ToolSecurity Bit Set 100Piece Sealey-AK2100-100-Piece-Power-Tool-Security-Bit-Set-Sealey-AK2100-P-Buy-Sealey-Power-Tool-Security-Bit-Set-100-Piece-ndash-a-highly-comprehensive-driver-securit ... SEALEY
£11.98 See offer
VS100 Diesel Engine Master Set 37pc Kit includes: VS101 - Locking Tool Set-Ford VS102 - Locking Tool Set-XUD/TUD Engines VS103 - Locking Tool Set-Rover VS104 - Locking Tool Set-Audi, VW, Ford, Sea ... SEALEY
£450.00 See offer
Model Craft PKN1050CM 50pce Knife & Tool Set Free Cutting Mat Model-Craft-PKN1050-CM-50-Piece-Knife-and-Tool-Set-FREE-Cutting-Mat-Model-Craft-PKN1050-CM-P-This-knife-and-tool-set-from-Model-Craft-is-ideal-for-both-the-prof ... MODEL CRAFT
£21.98 See offer
Model Craft PTK1013 13pc Model Rail Tool Set Model-Craft-PTK1013-13-Piece-Model-Rail-Tool-Set-Model-Craft-PTK1013-P-This-tool-set-from-Model-Craft-features-13-individual-pieces-which-can-be-used-for-DIY-an ... MODEL CRAFT
£23.11 See offer
Model Craft PTK1018 18pc Craft & Hobby Tool Set Model-Craft-PTK1018-18-Piece-Craft-and-Hobby-Tool-Set-Model-Craft-PTK1018-P-This-tool-set-from-Model-Craft-features-18-individual-pieces-which-can-be-used-for-D ... MODEL CRAFT
£24.71 See offer
multi function blade set 7 piece this 7 piece faithfull multi-function tool blade set contains a selection of the most popular blades for cutting wood man-made boards and metal and removing gro ... FAITHFULL TOOLS
UK Tool Centre
ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£14.99+ Delivery: £1.99 See offer
multifunction tool blade 4 piece flooring set the faithfull multi-function tool blade 4 piece flooring set contains a selection of blades for sawing cutting and scraping applications allowing your multi-fun ... FAITHFULL TOOLS
UK Tool Centre
ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£13.11+ Delivery: £3.49 See offer
FAITHFULL FAIMFKIT4 4 PIECE MULTI FUNCTION TOOL BLADE FLOORING SET FAITHFULL FAIMFKIT4 4 PIECE MULTI FUNCTION TOOL BLADE FLOORING SET A selection of blades for sawing cutting and scraping applications allowing your multifuncti ...
£9.96 See offer
Park Tool SDSET Shop Screwdriver Set Park Tool SD-SET Shop Screwdriver Set Park Tool's professional manufacturing and quality brand image, is more than just a name. When you buy Park Tool, you're ... PARK TOOL
£14.99 See offer
£162.90 See offer
£122.17 See offer
Sealey AK2105 Power Tool Bit Set Colour Coded S2 32pc Sealey-32-Piece-Colour-Coded-Power-Tool-Bit-Set-Sealey-Premier-AK2105-Forged-from-high-quality-Chrome-Vanadium-S2-steel-Popular-range-of-bits-for-the-profession ... SEALEY PREMIER
£23.38 See offer
Sealey VS045 Air Conditioning and Fuel Disconnection Tool Set 2pc Sealey-2-Piece-Air-Conditioning-Fuel-Disconnection-Tool-Set-Sealey-VS045-Die-cast-tools-suitable-for-press-type-quick-disconnection-joints-found-on-Ford-GM-Vaux ... SEALEY
£12.84 See offer
Sealey RT005 Trim Tool Set 2pc Sealey-2-Piece-Trim-Tool-Set-Sealey-RT005-Rigid-stainless-steel-shafts-with-a-fully-polished-finish-U-and-V-profile-tips-simplify-the-removal-of-common-types-of ... SEALEY
£17.81 See offer
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