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Sneeboer Short Fat Trowel The Sneeboer Short Fat Trowel With A 15cm Blade And A Cherrywood Handle Is Our Most Popular Trowel And Is Perfect For Planting, Digging, Potting - In Fact Almos ...
£35.95 See offer
Trowel Set 6 Piece This Trowel Set is ideal for a variety of spreading applications.Includes: Plastering trowel, brick trowel, gauging trowel, pointing trowel, brick jointer trowe ...
£24.99 See offer
FAITHFULL FAISGTSET5 5 PIECE SOFT GRIP TROWEL SET FAITHFULL FAISGTSET5 5 PIECE SOFT GRIP TROWEL SET A 5 piece Trowel Set that contains all the popular trowels for the professional DIYer or occasional user F ...
£12.96 See offer
Rolson 5pc Tradesman Trowel Set Hardened and tampered steel blades Cushion grip handles to improve grip and control Consists of 13mm brick jointer, 150mm pointing trowel, 180mm gauging trowe ... ROLSON
£21.00+ Delivery: £2.99 See offer
B&Q Carbon Steel Trowel (L)280mm B&Q Carbon Steel Trowel (L)280mm.This trowel set contains a pointing trowel gauging trowel brick trowel and plastering trowel making it suitable for bricklayi ... B&Q
£19.00+ Delivery: £5.00 See offer
Hand Trowel Burgon & Ball 1 trowel Quality garden kit can last a lifetime. You'll get years of pleasure from our new range of hand tools. We've sourced a range of quality garden tools fro ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£14.99 See offer
Wilkinson Sword Hand Trowel (Carbon) 1 hand trowel The Wilkinson Sword Carbon Hand Trowel makes light work of planting out bulbs, seedlings and bedding plants. A high quality garden tool with an extra strong ca ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£9.99 See offer
Wilkinson Sword Hand Trowel (Stainless Steel) 1 hand trowel The Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Hand Trowel is perfect for planting out your bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings and is ideal for all your other transplanti ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£14.99 See offer
Wilkinson Sword Long Handled Trowel 1 trowel Here's another top quality, and well-designed tool from Wilkinson Sword. The long handled trowel is carefully thought out, giving that little bit of ext ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£14.99 See offer
Wilkinson Sword Transplanting Trowel 1 trowel The Wilkinson Sword Carbon Steel Transplanting Trowel uses its pointed end to effortlessly cut into soil and remove plants without causing unnecessary disturban ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£9.99 See offer
Wolf Garten LU2K Fixed Handle 7cm Wide Trowel 1 wide trowel A high quality tool with a 10-year guarantee, the Wolf Garten LU2K Fixed Handle 7cm Wide Trowel was designed in Germany and made to last. Made from cold- ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£14.99 See offer
Wolf Garten LU2P Fixed Handle 5cm Planting Trowel 1 planting trowel The Wolf Garten LU2P Fixed Handle 5cm Planting Trowel is a precision tool for accurate planting, allowing you to disturb the soil as little as possible and prot ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£14.99 See offer
Wolf Garten LUSM MultiChange 8cm Hand Trowel 1 hand trowel The Wolf Garten LUSM Multi-Change 8cm Hand Trowel is a high-quality, robust tool suitable for general garden digging, planting plug plants, removing wee ... THOMPSON & MORGAN
£16.99 See offer
Sealey Trowel Set 3pc Three piece trowel set including bricklayers trowel, pointing trowel and float trowel. Made from carbon steel with soft grip handles for comfort and control.Mod ... SEALEY
£19.06 See offer
Rolson Trowel Set 5 Piece 5 Piece Tradesman Trowel Set hardened and tampered steel blades. with cushion grip handles to improve grip and control. Consists of 13mm brick jointer, 150mm p ...
£9.99 See offer
trowel set 5 piece soft grip handle a five piece trowel set consisting of four trowels and a brick jointermanufactured to the highest quality the trowels are hardened and tempered for a long life ... FAITHFULL TOOLS
UK Tool Centre
ISIS Accredited
IDIS Accredited
£15.09+ Delivery: £3.49 See offer
Mac Allister Plasterers Trowel Set Pack of 4 Mac Allister Plasterer's Trowel Set Pack of 4.Comes with 1 x 6" (152mm) pointing trowel; 1 x 7" (175mm) gauging trowel; 1 x 11"(280mm) brick trowel; and 1 x 11 ... MAC ALLISTER
£19.00+ Delivery: £5.00 See offer
Sneeboer Hand Trowel The Tried And Trusted Sneeboer Combination Of Hand Forged Stainless Steel Head And Rock Solid Cherrywood Handle Goes A Long Way To Ensure The Sneeboer Hand Trow ...
£37.95 See offer
Sneeboer Heart Shaped Trowel This Thoughtfully Designed, 26cm Long Sneeboer Heart Shaped Trowel Combines A Fine Cherrywood Handle With A Very Sharp Point Making It Ideal For Bulb Planting, ...
£35.95 See offer
Rolson 52489 5pc Tradesman Trowel Set Rolson-5-Piece-Trowel-Set-Rolson-52489-The-Rolson-Trowel-Set-5-Piece-is-a-set-of-tradesman-trowels-providing-a-complete-set-for-many-applications-Rolson-52489-5 ... ROLSON
£14.88 See offer
Essentials Hand Tools 3 Piece Set The Essentials Hand Tool Set consists of a hand fork, a hand cultivator and a hand trowel.Handle details: Polypropylene.Length: Hand fork 26 x 7.5 x 6cm, hand c ...
£3.99 See offer
Draper 6 Piece Bricklayers Trowel Kit Comprising tools for most bricklaying and mortar repairs.&#149&nbsp&nbsp&nbspContents: 280mm soft grip brick trowel, 150mm soft grip pointing tr ... DRAPER
£10.17 See offer
Sneeboer Rh Potting Trowel This Specially Designed Potting Trowel Is A Pleasure To Use As Its Clever Design Helps You To Pot Up Even In Tight Areas Without Spilling The Soil. this Hand Fo ...
£35.95 See offer
Short Fat Trowel By Sneeboer This High Quality Garden Trowel Is Perfectly Balanced Making It Extremely Comfortable To Use. The Hand Forged Stainless Steel Blade Is Strong And Sharp Making L ...
£35.95 See offer
Bricklayers Trowel Set (L)465mm (W)245mm open in new window Bricklayers Trowel Set (L)465mm (W)245mm.Comes with 10" brick trowel 6" pointing trowel a gauging trowel and a jointer with 1/2" and 5/8" sizes.
£27.00+ Delivery: £5.00 See offer
C.K Tools 280mm Philadelphia Brick Trowel with Soft Grip The 280mm Philadelphia Brick Trowel with Soft grip from C.K Tools is ideal for Builders or those who are doing some renovations. This trowel blade is made from ... C.K TOOLS
£13.48 See offer
Mega Value Brick Trowel Brick Trowel This Brick Trowel is a flat triangular trowel used for cutting brick and spreading mortar or cement when building. The large triangular blade is m ... MEGA VALUE
£2.50+ Delivery: £4.99 See offer
Coghlan s Back Packers Trowel The Back Packers Trowel from Coghlan s is incredibly useful in a variety of situations don t forget to pack a trowel for your next outdoor adventure Coghlan s B ... COGHLANS
£1.99+ Delivery: £3.95 See offer
Personalised Sneeboer HeartShaped Trowel When the sun comes out it's a great time to do some gardening. You enjoy planting flowers, trimming the hedges and making sure your garden is beautiful. All tha ...
£39.99 See offer
Rolson Tradesman Trowel Set 5 Piece. Hardened and tampered steel blades, with cushion grip handles to improve grip and control. Consists: 13mm Brick jointer. 150mm Pointing trowel. 180mm G ...
£16.89 See offer
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